Our Story

After a health scare, I realised there's no time like the present to do something I love - creating new products and sharing them with the world! 

I'm Rachel, a 50 something wife to a golf lover and Mother to three very creative girls (they must get it from me.... Haha). I used to work in catering but after a scary time with a brain tumour a few years back, I decided it was time to start doing more of the things I love so i took the decision to develop my creativity full time.

 I have always loved home crafts and making new things and experimenting with new ideas and materials.⁣ My daughter Jinnie helps keep me sane by assisting with social media, taking photos and developing marketing materials. It gives me more time to develop and actually make the products! ⁣ 

I found the candle making process really therapeutic and helped keep my brain busy and focused. It started as a way to aid my recovery but has developed into a growing business. 

 It is hard to stand out in the candle business which is why we developed our signature concrete candles. The concrete we use is very unpredictable! This means that every candle will be totally different... Some might be smoother than others, some could have loads of cracks and crevices. It all adds to how unique each candle can be. The gold and silver detailing accentuates all the imperfections in each candle. Every candle is detailed by hand so we truly know each one inside and out.

 As the business grows, we want to develop more wax and concrete products. Our latest product is the wax aroma tablets which can be hung in and around the home or any small space to emit a lovely fragrance in the areas you can sometimes forget about, like your wardrobe, cupboards, porch or small bathroom and loo, they are all hand finished with dried botanicals, and at certain times of the year these are sourced from my garden. 

 We can't wait to see what the future holds, we are learning and developing as we go, and hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we do creating it! 

 Thanks for supporting our small business!